Saturday, January 7, 2012

A preview~STUART BRANNON'S FINAL SHOT by Stephen Bly

I can't wait until this book comes out in March.
Here is just a little preview for you.

Center Point Large Print is proud to present Stephen Bly’s latest (and sadly, his last) Western fiction title, Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot. I've attached to this email, the cover art and the text.
Thrilled to be given the opportunity to publish Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot, we at Center Point Large Print were saddened to learn that Steve had succumbed to illness before putting completing it. So when Janet, Steve’s widow and a published writer, asked if she and her three sons could complete the work as a tribute to Steve, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. I’m sure you’ll agree that Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot is a tribute to both the character, Stuart Brannon - and to his creator, Stephen Bly. A favorable mention to your readers would be very much appreciated.
For those readers who would like to read the entire Stuart Brannon oeuvre, Greenbrier Book Company will reissue the six books that came before Stuart Brannon’s Final Shotin the spring and summer of 2012 (<>).
Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot
By Stephen Bly, with Janet, Russell, Michael and Aaron Bly
Published by Center Point Large Print
Available March 1, 2012
In 1905, at 58 years old, legendary lawman Stuart Brannon - now a rancher and widower - had no intention of leaving his beloved Arizona Territory to attend the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland, Oregon, nor to participate in the celebrity golf tournament for the Willamette Orphan Farm. Even an emotional appeal for his longtime friend didn’t persuade him. His life no longer consisted of bloodthirsty men to track down . . . people trying to kill him . . . lawless gangs preying on the innocent. 
Then the telegram came: Stuart, I need you in Portland. Tim Wiseman is missing. I think there’s a cover-up going on. Tell folks you’re going to the Exposition. Nose around. Find out how a U.S. Marshal can disappear and no one knows why. I’ll contact you there. T.R.
How could he refuse a request from the President of the United States?
Filled with humor and heart, adventure and romance, Stuart Brannon’s Last Shot is the story of a man who embodied the Code of the West.  Christy Award-winning author Stephen Bly (August 17, 1944 - June 8, 2011) wrote 105 books including six Stuart Brannon novels. In Stuart Brannon’s Last Shot, we bid a fond farewell to the character - and to Stephen Bly, his creator.

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