Monday, December 19, 2011

Made by God Big Bugs, Little Bugs* A read by yourself book for children*A Review

Butterfly, Goliath Beetle, Lightning Bug, and Praying Mantis includes simple text perfect for I Can Read level two readers and provides basic facts about these bugs of all sizes and their habitat. Parents and teachers will enjoy introducing early readers to the wonders of God’s creation.

Did you know … There are about 18,000 kinds of butterflies? That the goliath beetle is the largest bug on earth? Learn more about these and other amazing bugs made by God.

Book & Bible Cover Size: Large
Page Count: 32

Paper Edge Description: Plain
Size: 6 wide x 9 high x 0.1 deep in. | 152 wide x 229 high x deep 2 mm
Weight: 0.165 lb | 74 gms

Available: March 2011

  These made by God books are so fantastic for children. It really is a help to get them to read. The pictures are so big and colorful. I know many children will look at them again and again. This one is called Made by God: Big Bugs, Little Bugs.
 These I can read books are high-interest stories for developing readers, which will capture and keep a child’s attention.
 The different parts of this book are called:
Goliath Beetles
Lightning Bugs
and Praying Mantises.
  One really fun, interesting thing I learned is that Butterflies can fly up to 12 miles an hour. I find that fascinating.
  Something about the Goliath beetle is when they fly their wings sound like a helicopter.
    There are about 2,000 different kind of lightning bugs.
   The head of a praying mantis can turn almost in a circle.
  God made some amazing bugs, some bad and some good. I really like these books because God is mentioned so much.
  I highly recommend these books for reading to your child, but mostly for them to learn to read better and it’s all full of the amazing things God created.

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