Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Angels by Rudi London-a review

Have you ever wondered if there are some Angels looking after you sometimes? Operating in the background somewhere...? Kind of taking over the steering wheel - so to speak? Without you having any say in the matter? Without you knowing for sure... what was going on? Have you been awake many nights thinking, what did really happen here today? How come your plane landed safely - but not the other...? Well, wonder no more. Because today brings good tidings for you. The wait for answers is finally over. But be you warned. Angel business does not exactly follow the same set of rules you had pictured in your mind....
In 3 Angels, Rudi London introduces us to Kassparr, Djessparr, and Rookie Angel Jonathan, Their assignment is the life of Boy. The interesting aspect of this somewhat fictional story is that Boy really existed and still does. You may already have met him. The book will introduce you to both the unbelievable and the completely outrageously unknown. You'll be tossed into Boy's actual birth moment - with stunning revelations of what amazing things took place prior to his birth. You are in the loop as we say. Peeking in behind the curtains when Rookie Angel Jonathan receives his crash course style on-the-job training. He quickly learns how accidents are avoided... what love is all about... and how to deal with strangers and other kind of parents one might run into. The newly assigned Angel Team tackles character issues, abortion, accidents, and numerous and unbelievable threats on Boy's life. When Rookie Angel Jonathan first arrives to The Island of Angelica he is puzzled over many things. Why is Boy born in the first place? And what is this thing about Lucy and The Fur Coat Business? But what bothers him the most- and keeps him asking everyone he meets in the Heavenly Circles of Angelic know-how is this - Where are the women?

Hardcover: 313 pages
Publisher: Amazing Road (July 7, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098230224X
ISBN-13: 978-0982302248
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches

Rudi London was born upstairs at his parent's home in the city of Nedstrand, on the southern west coast of Norway at 12:37 A.M., July 7, in the year of Rudolph. His father, Far, had called in the mid-wife and his mother, Mor, gave birth. The birthing process went flawlessly up to a certain point. This is discussed in London's book, 3 Angels (July 2010). Upon graduating High School Rudi started his computer career in January 1969 at Forsvarets (Norwegian Military/NATO) Datasentral, Oslo. Working on IBM 360 mainframes, Mr. London sent his first email from Oslo to Bergen in November that same year. July 1970, Mr. Rudi London joined the Norwegian Air Force to fly fighter jets. After completing military duty, his Computer Systems boss thought young London needed more knowledge and sent him to evenings classes at Bedriftsøkonomisk Institutt to study college importance.

This book “3 Angels” is a really different book from Rudi’s first book “The Operator is Calling.” In “3 Angels” you follow 3 angels as they watch and protect “BOY” from before birth through all of his life. There is lots of humor, love, bad and exciting adventures as we watch Boy grow up.
I know we are watched and protected by angels but this book really brings a new outlook to the whole process. To know angels are that close gives us new feelings of love, protection and shame.
“3 Angels” is more of a whimsical book not deadly serious like some books. Really a refreshing book.
One of my favorite parts of “3 Angels” was when Boy was about to be born and he was in the wrong position. One of the angels went down to turn Boy the right way.
“3 Angels” has many wonderful things in it. The book is full of scripture verses, has many Norwegian words plus the meanings.
I would like the author to tell me who Boy is. I have a pretty good guess.
This is a book that will be enjoyed by all time and time again. It will keep you entertained and wanting to read it all as soon as possible. A real keeper.
Thanks Rudi London for another great book.


I received this book from the author to read and review.

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