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I Am Second internet site review

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to

live for God and for others. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business

leaders. Drug addicts. Your next-door neighbor. People like you.

The authentic stories on provide insight into

dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories

that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive

lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled. You’ll discover people

who’ve tried to go it alone and have failed. Find the hope, peace,

and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

Faith Questions
Does God care about me?
How do I become Second?
How to talk to God?

Abortion, guilt and shame and low self worth, Abuse, The people I looked up to were gangstas.
 Anger, I have never known such freedom., Affluence, Cancer, Child Abuse, Contentment
Death, Disabilities, Divorce, Eating, Fatherlessness, Forgiveness, Grief, Identity, Marriage, Meaning
Molestation ,Overcoming, Prison, Pride, Prostitution, Purpose in Life, Racism, Relationships, Satisfaction
Self-esteem, Sex Addiction, Substance Abuse, Success, Transformation, Trauma, War, Work

Some of the people who have a film on I am Second
Josh Canales ,Albert Pujols, RA Dickey, Josh Turner , Duche Bradley , Trevor Bayne , Rod Bayron
Baron Batch , Sam Bradford , James Calenderer , Lecrae , Tommy Bowden , Doug Bender , Rudy Kalis
Sean Little , Alex Kendrick ,Brian Birdwell ,Lee Yih ,Annie Lobert ,Shane Kampe ,David Rodenberg
Brant Hansen ,Chris Coghlan ,Matt Elrod ,CeCe Sims ,Matt Barkley ,Remi Adeleke ,Jason Castro
Michelle Aguilar ,Stephen Baldwin ,Vitor Belfort ,Trevor Brazile ,Pete Briscoe ,Victoria Childress
Shannon Culpepper ,Greg Ellis ,Tony Dungy ,Richard Ellis,Tony Evans ,Tyrone Flowers .Joe Gibbs
Whispering Danny ,Jack Graham ,Karen Green ,Janelle Hail ,Bethany Hamilton ,Josh Hamilton
Christian Hosoi ,Mike Huckabee ,Wayne Huizinga ,Myrka Dellanos ,Ken Hutcherson
Bradie James ,Sujo John ,Tamara Jolee ,Landry Jones ,Clayton Kershaw,Scott Hamilton , Laura Klock
 Nate Larkin , Lee Lucas ,Bailee Madison ,Blake Mankin ,Colt McCoy ,David McKenna
 John Meador ,Kathy Ireland , Randy Moore , David Murphy , Priscilla Nicoara , Josue Padilla
 The Parks ,Jim Munroe ,Christine Petric , Irma Ramirez , Ashley Rawls , Anne Rice
 David Ring , Tim Ross , The Scruggs ,Chris Plekenpol , Natalie Sebastian , Daniel Sepulveda
 Wayne Simien, Michael W.Smith ,Jarrett Stephens ,Shana ,Lauren Scruggs, Brian Sumner
 Janine Turner ,Darrell Waltrip, Jason Witten ,Jerry Zucha

About: Seconds Change
Give Change, Make Change- Many more stories are waiting to be told.  You can help.  Commit $2 every Tuesday to build film funds, and your contribution will be used to develop, produce and promote new films. Join the project and become an I am Second insider with access to exclusive content via Facebook.




  I really love this website. It is full of such love and hope and all because those who were troubled or broken called out to God and He lifted them up and provides for them daily. As He does for each one of us. It is so wonderful to see people who have struggled with hardships to see them full and whole because of Jesus. Just watching some of the videos is so uplifting. If you have troubles and don’t know where to turn this site will give you hope to go to Jesus. He is the only one who cares and will help you.
 The website wants to make more videos, but they need the money to do it. So if you feel lead to help they have something called Give Change, Make Change. Here are a few of the videos I watched. If you don’t want to watch all of them at least watch the first two I listed. It will bless you and cause you to see that no matter what happens God is there.
  I highly recommend this beautiful website!
Hope. Peace, Joy. Everyone wants these qualities in our lives. When they are absent, it is sad. When you never had them, life is hell.
From the time he was born until high school, David Ring experienced one setback after another. Stillborn, he was left for dead, yet he lived. Born broken, and “walking and talking funny” he could not fit in. Both his parents died while he was young.
A popular Kansas City tattoo artist, “Whispering Danny” has an impactful story that he should shout for all to hear. But he can’t. His medical condition requires him to have tumors on his larynx and vocal cords removed every three or so months. It leaves his voice at a level just louder than a whisper.
However, the weight of his story speaks volumes anyway
At age thirteen Bethany Hamilton was a rising surfing star. From her home in Hawaii she had everyday access to some of the world’s best waves and basked in the warmth of a loving family. But her tranquil beach surf life was shattered one morning when a shark completely bit off her arm. Only the immediate help of her friends, heroic work by doctors and an overwhelming peace kept her alive in the critical moments after the attack. The fact that she survived was a miracle.
December, 2011 will always be a chilling memory for the Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs family. Their daughter, Lauren Scruggs won’t remember it all. One minute the family was enjoying a dinner out with friends. A few minutes later Cheryl was staring at the the horrific sight of Lauren lying face down in blood on an airport tarmac.
“I could’ve been dead.” Racing at unprecedented speeds to win was the singular focus of Darrell Waltrip. At the peak of his career, he won two consecutive championships. “I was at the top of my game. We were unbeatable.” And while he may have been the best on the track, NASCAR fans hated his ego and it bothered him.

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