Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Go Away, Mr. Worrythoughts & Happythoughts are Everywhere by Nicky Johnston*A Review


Nicky Johnston
Author, Illustrator & Educator

Nicky's eldest son, Bayley, was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) at just 5 years of age. In her desperate efforts to help him manage his 'worry thoughts' she wrote him a story. This story is now a best selling children's book helping many 'little worriers' everywhere...

Nicky has self-published two highly successful children's books, developed Parent/Teacher Resource Kits and has helped promote awareness of mental health issues in young children by presenting to many schools, conferences and workshops.

By helping her son, she has touched the lives of many like him, and will continue to do so....

This book is just simply amazing. I really like that Nicky wrote these two books to help her son with his disorder GAD. I love how Bayden finally finds out how to stop worrying about everything. A lot of people need to do that themselves. We all worry too much.
All of the illustrations are so neat. The worry thoughts monster seems really scary, but he can be taken care of.
The worrythoughts try to come back, but now Bayden knows how to get rid of them and how to control them. I like the colors in this book, the monster is dark and scary, but the other pages are light and colorful. Full of hope and happiness is what you can expect from this super book.
I really recommend it for any of us, but especially for those children who may worry more than normal. In the back of this book are some ideas to keep worrythoughts away from a child.

Another really sweet book. I love how cute and cuddly Bayden looks. In this book Bayden was worrying again so his mum told him to think happythoughts and that would push the worrythoughts away. So Bayden searches for happy thoughts under his bed in his toy box, in his closet. He only found his teddy bear, the Christmas decorations and special photos. So Bayden thought he couldn’t find happythoughts, but thought how each of those things made him feel and it was happy. So he did find happythoughts after all.
In the back of this book you will also find ways to find happythoughts.
These are just lovely books that really give a child joy. Another book I highly recommend.

Nicky Johnston is an educator, an artist, a make-up artist and a mum of four boys.
Nicky is now also the author & illustrator of two children's books "Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!" and "Happythoughts are Everywhere..."

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