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House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo A Review

Dream house . . . or bad dream?

When the Kings move from L.A. to a secluded small town, fifteen-year-old Xander is beyond disappointed. He and his friends loved to create amateur films . . . but the tiny town of Pinedale is the last place a movie buff and future filmmaker wants to land.

But he, David, and Toria are captivated by the many rooms in the old Victorian fixer-upper they moved into--as well as the heavy woods surrounding the house.

They soon discover there's something odd about the house. Sounds come from the wrong directions. Prints of giant, bare feet appear in the dust. And when David tries to hide in the linen closet, he winds up in locker 119 at his new school.

Then the really weird stuff kicks in: they find a hidden hallway with portals leading off to far-off places--in long-ago times. Xander is starting to wonder if this kind of travel is a teen's dream come true . . . or his worst nightmare

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 28, 2009)
Publication Date: September 28, 2009
Sold by: HarperCollins Christian Publishing
Language: English


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  House of Dark Shadows is book one in the Dreamhouse Kings series. It is a young adult series, but I really love it. I think anyone would really enjoy it. Another older book, but well worth reading. Robert Liparulo is an excellent author.
  This book is about the Kings family. Three children-young adults and their parents. They find out very soon that there house is very strange.  You hear sounds where people are not and they go from one place to another very fast.
  Then the two older boys find a hidden hallway that have portals that lead to far off places in a time long ago.
  Many scary things happen and each of the boys go into a portal and almost don’t make it out alive, but that isn’t the worse that happens there.
  The only part I didn’t like about this novel is the ending. Quite a cliff hanger and I’ve heard other people say this is book one in a six series book. So I need to read them all to find out what happens and how the family makes it out if they do at all.
  Highly recommended book. Loved it and wish I could read them all.

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