Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Reason for Hope by Michael S. Barry A Review

As a pastor and chaplain at a cancer treatment facility, Dr. Michael S. Barry has spent hours with cancer patients listening to their stories, reflecting with them on their disease, and helping them better understand the role their faith can play at this critical time. And frequently, he has sat beside them as they wrestle with tough questions that have no easy answers.

Now Dr. Barry shares the answers that have come to his heart through his ministry to men, women, and young people engaged in the battle of their lives. These answers will re-engage your faith, re-energize your mind and body, and revitalize your hope. These answers will truly give you A Reason for Hope.

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As director of pastoral care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Dr. Michael S. Barry specializes in the connection between spirituality and health, particularly as it relates to cancer. Dr. Barry earned his bachelor of arts at the University of Texas at Austin, master of divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and doctor of ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary.

  A Reason for Hope by Dr. Michael S. Barry is an exceptional book. In his book he tells us that many things contribute to cancer and how he shares with us the different things that need to be done if you have cancer.
Dr. Barry is the first to say that if it is your time to die then God will take you, but if it isn’t your time these steps will help you.
 One amazing thing Dr. Barry said is that people have been cured/healed from every type of cancer. So it is possible to beat any type you have.
 He said the main thing is a positive attitude to overcome. If you think you are going to die you will even if it’s not your time.
  Having faith and praying, growing closer to God are all very important steps. Nothing will make you stronger than being close to God.
  This isn’t the only thing that can cause cancer, but one thing is having a very drastic thing happen in your life, like a death of a family member, divorce, loss of job. It all depends on how you handle these horrific events. The main reason you could get cancer during these times is because your immune system is fighting your emotions and the cancer slips in.
  Also things like diet, not exercising or bad habits.
   The book is telling us even if these things happen we have hope. Never lose sight of that, because once your hope is gone it’s to late. Also if a doctor tells you, you only have a few weeks or months don’t believe them. God is the one who is in control and you need to keep the faith and hope. Very interesting, small book. Recommended.

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