Monday, December 31, 2012

Jessie's Joy by Zenobia L. Silas-Carson*A Review

In the second book of the "Jessie" series, we find that Greater Faith church is growing by leaps and bounds. Ministries are getting stronger and there is an air of excitement that has captivated the

entire congregation. Jessie Mae Hardaway, an author and widow, is considering what it will be like to be a "first lady" if Pastor Julian, whose wife has also passed away, should ask her hand in marriage.

Meanwhile, a stranger—who, as it turns out, is not such a stranger—returns to the city of Brooklyn Center Minnesota, and his arrival could eventually change the lives of many. As if that was not enough, a newcomer to Greater Faith has ulterior motives that may cause certain members of the congregation to fear for their very lives.

Jessie's Joy is intriguing and exciting book that will keep you at the edge of your seat while intertwining the importance of unfailing faith and "letting go" while God works it all out.

Affectionately called "Zee", Zenobia was born and raised in the fast paced city of Chicago, Illinois. A precocious and
curious child, she began writing short stories and poems at the tender age of nine. She also attended Chicago Art Institute at a young age, and won prizes for her collages and cartooning. She has worked extensively with children most of her adult life in the areas of special needs and pre-kindergarten programs. Returning to her writing in 1990, she began working on her first published work, Jessie's House, and often put it aside to finish raising her family. During that time, Zee wrote theatrical plays and appeared in local theater production in her adopted state of Minnesota.

Writing for The Loft, a wonderful place for writers to unite, Zenobia was gifted with two mentorship awards and met with Nikki Giovanni and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, who encouraged her to keep writing. In 2008, she revisited Jessie's House and in 2009 the work was completed.

Zenobia is the mother of six children, grandmother of 13, and still resides in Minnesota, where she is writing a non-fiction sequel to the Jessie's series entitled, "Minnie's Gift", in tribute to her mother. God is an ever present force in Zee's life, and she depends on Him faithfully, for her every need.

  Jessie’s Joy is a sweet read. I really like how these books are about older couples and how they make it through every day life and all of the pitfalls and problems that come about. This book also is a very sweet mystery.
 I like the Jessie character as she isn’t perfect, but is a growing example of us all. She makes mistakes, but keeps trusting God and lets Him lead her.
 In this book Jessie is being romanced by the pastor of their church and she likes the attention, but is she ready for another relationship?
Also Jessie’s granddaughter is in love and the very worse thing happens as Jessie learns how to trust others.
  A new character comes into the story and she is very sinister, but acts very sweet and loving and helpful. How will she interact with Jessie, the pastor and many in the church.
 I enjoyed Jessie’s Joy as a nice book with a superb ending. Worth reading.

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MzBettyK said...

Your review reflects quite accurately the amazing content of Jessie's Joy. Congratulations to author Zenobia L. Silas-Carson for another and even more exciting read. She truly had me teetering on and off the edge of my seat with this one. I enjoyed the read immensely. Thank you for expressing so well Jessie Mae Hardaway's character and some of the others readers have to look forward to. Zee brings us a side of life so often left untold pertaining to people my age, faith and shortcomings then more faith. I am so glad she is still writing, and I'm waiting for the next book, whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

Jessie's Joy I describe to friends as a Christian romance and intrigue novel. Some find those adjectives to be surprising. Take my advice and judge the book after reading it. Truly there are enough twists and turns to keep the most avid suspense reader enthralled! Also, remeber that Jessie's Joy is a follow up to Ms. Silas' Jessie's House. The core character's are introduced and major events from the first novel impact Jessie's Joy. Need I say--read both books for the greatest impact and underlying sensitivity.

Penny W.