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Like Dandelion Dust and This Side of Heaven Omnibus A Review

Like Dandelion Dust and; This Side of Heaven Omnibus [Paperback]

Two of New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury's most beloved novels are now available together in this expertly packaged omnibus.

LIKE DANDELION DUST is a powerful novel about two parents, their love for their adopted son, Joey, and the suprising lengths they will go to keep their family together when a judge rules that Joey must be returned to his biological father. In the days that follow, Jack Campbell has a desperate and dangerous thought. What if they can devise a way out? Then they could take Joey and dandelion dust.

THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN is a story of secrets, broken relationships, and a love strong enough to reunite a family. Annie Warren always wanted the best for her son, Josh. But years of failure and bad choices created a heartbreaking distance. When Annie sets out to defend her son, she might find a treasure more valuble than money, one she never expected, this side of heaven.

Paperback: 704 pages
Publisher: Center Street (April 10, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599954036
ISBN-13: 978-1599954035
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 1.8 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America's favorite inspirational novelist, with more than 15 million books in print. Her Life-Changing Fiction has produced multiple bestsellers, including Leaving, Take One, Between Sundays, Even Now, One Tuesday Morning, Beyond Tuesday Morning, and Ever After, which was named the 2007 Christian Book of the Year. An award-winning author and newly published songwriter, Karen has several movies optioned for production, and her novel Like Dandelion Dust was made into a major motion picture and is now available on DVD. Karen is also a nationally known speaker with several women's groups. She lives in Washington with her husband, Don, their daughter and five sons.

  Books by Karen Kingsbury are some of my favorites and when you get two in one it’s even better. The first story in this Omnibus is
 LIKE DANDELION DUST. It tells the story of Rip, Wendy, Jack and Molly. Rip and Wendy are the natural parents of four-year-old Joey, but Rip is arrested for domestic violence and Wendy gives Joey up and doesn’t tell Rip. Jack and Molly are the ideal couple; they have it all, love, wealth and happiness, but no children. So they adopt Joey. When Rip gets out of prison he finds out about Joey and goes to court. It ends up that Joey has to go back and forth and get to know his real parents. It looks more and more like the natural parents will get Joey, so Jack hatches a scheme to take Joey to another country. Read this wonderful book to see what becomes of Joey and both sets of parents. It’s a real tear jerker for sure.
  THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN is the second story in this book and just as fantastic as the first. Josh was in a horrible accident and is always in a lot of pain. He loves God and his family. He has been waiting for years for the insurance settlement, but they keep dragging their feet. A mysterious woman from Josh’s past said he is a father, but there isn’t any proof. Does Josh believe her and does he get the money he needs? Also Josh’s mom thinks she is treating him right, but her opinions are strange. This story takes many twists and turns and right in the middle I was stunned at what happened. You won’t believe what happened or how this story ends. You have to read it to really grasp fully all of the different things going on. What a wonderful omnibus. I highly recommend this book and you will love it. These books talk about so many issues, but the main stories are about two beautiful children and their hopes and dreams to have a normal life.

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