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Do This and Live Healthy-10 Simple Keys That Cure by Don Verhulst, MD* A Review

Real Health for Real People
A happy, healthy life is easier than you think

Good health is vitally important if we hope to enjoy the abundant life God promises. No matter what frustrations you have faced with poor health, weight gain, or hereditary diseases, you can enjoy the good health Scripture talks about—and it is easier than you may think.

When studying the Bible from a physician’s perspective, Dr. Don VerHulst discovered keys to health that are modeled throughout both the Old and New Testaments—even Jesus followed them in His daily routines. In Do This and Live Healthy, he explains these easy-to-follow basics, giving you God’s blueprint for achieving and enjoying good health.
Focusing on simple things you can do rather than a complicated list of restrictions, Do This and Live Healthy encourages and inspires with a simple approach that works. Discover how easy great health can be!

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Siloam (May 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1616388269
ISBN-13: 978-1616388263
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 13.4 ounces

Don VerHulst, MD, is a teacher, ordained minister, and speaker, and he hosts the television program Hope for Your Health. He embraces the naturopathic philosophy of health and has dedicated his life to teaching the principles of preventive medicine. He received his BS in zoology from the University of Michigan and his MD from Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Don and his wife, Susan, have four children.

  When I saw this book I said to myself, Oh,No another book on health and fitness. Books like that have flooded the market. I was so very wrong to think that. This book Do This and Live Healthy-10 Simple Keys That Cure is a book like no other. From the very first page I was intrigued and couldn‘t wait to read more.  This book isn’t a book of don’ts but a book of Dos.
  The 10 keys are like it says very simple. Anyone can do them and will feel better and be more healthy right away. I’ll just tell you a couple of the keys, because I really want you to buy this book. It will be  the best book buy you have ever made.
 Key 2: Get to bed on time: sleep and the great healer.  From 10:00 p.m. until midnight your sleep is four times more restorative than the hours you sleep after midnight. {Also Dr. Don has many more reasons in this key}
Key 6: Bring Forth Fruit. The apple excels at helping the body detoxify and fight viral infections. It has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar. {Dr. Don talks about a lot of different fruits and their benefits.} This book is just packed full of good advice and reasons for everything he says. Dr. Don talks about the Bible and the way Jesus did things when he was on the earth.
  This book comes in two sections. The first tells about the 10 keys to health and the second section is a reference guide for common health problems. Some of the problems he discusses are ADHD, Allergies, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer and many others.
  If you never read another health book in your life this one is a must.    Do This and Live Healthy-10 Simple Keys That Cure  will not make you feel guilty about your life or habits, it just gives you encouragment and helps you make plans to improve your lifestyle. This book is for everyone and if you do everything in this book I can promise your health will greatly improve and you will feel much younger.
  This is one of my favorite books of 2012 and would be yours also.  I plan on telling everyone I know about it, because I really believe it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves so we can live longer with better lives.
  I highly recommend this 5-star book and wish for all of you to own it.

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Jenn said...

This book sounds awesome, I'll look into it. Sounds a lot like Don Colbert's Seven Pillars of Health, which I enjoyed. He's a Christian doctor as well. :)