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Is The Bible Reliable-building the historical case* A Review

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Who is God, and how can we know Him? The Bible claims to be the direct revelation of our Creator. So if the biblical record is true, it is a primary means by which the God of the universe has revealed Himself to mankind. However, if it can be proved false, then the God of whom it speaks is simply one more pretender in the assembly of gods that man has created.
In Is the Bible Reliable? Dr. Stephen Meyer challenges you to examine the historical and archaeological evidence to determine for yourself the veracity and accuracy of biblical Scripture. Is the Bible true? You decide.
Includes two DVDs, each with five 30-minute lessons, and a 96-page, two-color discussion guide. Discussion guide also sold separately.
From the Author
When we were laying out the content for TrueU, we wanted to address the key issues that trip students up on campus and in the classroom. The first was the existence of God, which we dealt with in the first set. The second, just as critical, is the attack upon the reliability of the Scriptures. Many professors use old archaeological positions to cast great doubt upon the Bible. However, as you will find in this second set, new evidence is increasingly making those contrary positions untenable. This is a must, not only for college students, but for all of us. (Dr. Del Tackett )

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This is just a fantastic tool to have in your library for yourself, your family and friends. I especially think it is a tremendous resource to have for your high school and college age children. In this age when people are trying to disprove the Bible you will have great evidence that proves that Jesus was a real man and his followers and different parts in the Bible can be proven. It’s just amazing the things you will learn.
This set Includes two DVDs, each with five 30-minute lessons, and a 96-page, two-color discussion guide. It tells of other places you can find proof that the Bible is true and believable.
The titles of the lessons are:
1. The Patriarchal Narratives and the Documentary Hypothesis
2. The Exodus: From Egypt to Canaan
3. The Israelite Conquest
4. The United Kingdom of David and Solomon
5. Historicity of the Old Testament
6. The Babylonian Conquest of Judah
7. Canons of Historicity: The New Testament
8. Early Composition of Luke and Acts
9. External Corraboration
10. The Trial of Jesus
This is a resource that needs to be in your library so you can give it to those that may wonder if the Bible is real or if they question how those things happened. Even non Christians can’t say these things haven’t happened because of all of the proof offered in these DVDs.

From the creators of Focus on the Family’s the Truth Project!

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