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Jessie's House by Zenobia L. Silas-Carson*A review

A Little Book Packed With Power!, March 23, 2010
By Zenobia L Silas-Carson (Brooklyn Center Minnesota)

Jessie's House has been reviewed as a joy-ride through faith and forgiveness, and you will fall in love with the "have it her way" Jessie Mae Hardaway, as you look into her life, through her eyes and find that this vibrant sixty-plus year old woman has carried her family for years, and knows how God got her through.

Jessie's faith is tested, however, when a tragic accident involving her youngest daughter, changes the way she looks at faith and she finds herself becoming bitter and filled with feelings of revenge and regret. Jessie is faced also with the criticism of her friends and family when she does not handle her feelings in a more "Christian" way.

Jessie will make you laugh, cry and examine the way we feel about faith in the face of trials!
Time was passing in funny little blocks. Jessie was slowly awakening and then off again dreaming. It was like living in a piece meal quilt. She caught snatches of awake-sounds and stitched them right into her dreams.
The nurses came in and out of the room. They checked on Libby and disappeared.
"She’s going to be fine, Mom" Sheila said. Jessie wondered if anyone could promise her that. and really mean it. Could she hold them to the promise that her youngest child would get better and not die like Gretchen and Robby Sr. Could she, Jessie...hold them to that promise of "everything being okay, and if something went wrong, then tell them to their faces how wrong they had been?
Jessie had experienced enough of God's promises to know that mostly He didn't keep them

Publisher: Chloe Enterprises
Pages: 93
Copyright: 2009
ISBN-13: 9780982490914
Type: Fiction

Zenobia L. Silas-Carson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She currently resides in Minneapolis, MN where in addition to writing fiction she writes weekly online devotionals. She has won two mentorship awards for African American Literature from the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.

Zenobia is a personal friend of mine and when I found out she had written a book I was very anxious to read it and I am so glad I did. Jessie’s House is full of action, heartache, friendship, forgiveness, family and love. Jessie goes through so very much and she is wondering why and has trouble forgiving, like we all do at times.
I really love the way this book is set up. It was hard to break away from it to do other work. This is a short book, but it’s packed with so much wonderful lessons for life and just such a sweet story. Jessie’s Story is very well written with much emotion filling the pages and things we might wonder and do if we were in her place.
In this book it made me think, we all can do and be the way we are suppose to be if everything is going right for us, but if something happens to our health or someone we love, or even death how will we respond. Will we blame God, or ask Him why?
I really recommend this book. It is just so fantastic. This book has a lot to teach us and help us to see that we all need help and love now and then.

To buy this book please write an email to this address. Thanks for reading my review!

The next Jessie ( Jessie's Joy") should be available before Christmas..perhaps in the beginning of Fall.

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MzBettyK said...

Wonderful review. Trinity Rose, and I am in total agreement about this marvelous book by our gifted friend. Jessie's House is gripping. It does not disappoint, is helpful in showing how we struggle with the things life deals us and our reactions as Christians. I loved it. Zenobia L. Silas-Carson is an amazing author and friend. I appreciate such a thorough review.

Zenobia said...

Thank you Wanda for your wonderful review and thanks also to Betty for your kind and thoughtful words. Jessie's Joy is on it's way and as soon as it is off the presses, you sisters will have a copy in your hands.
God bless you!
Zenobia L Silas-Carson

GentleLady66 said...

As a friend of Zenobia for less than a year, I appreciate her as a woman of faith, a woman with culture and upbringing, and yet, heartache and pain along with joy in her life. Jessie's House is written with such depth and awareness of her abilities as a new writer. The book is a must read for all women. I can't wait for the second book in the series. I wish Zenobia all the best, and total success in all her ventures in writing, ministry and faith. She has a wonderful weekly prayer and praise list that I belong to as well. God bless Zenobia, and thank you so much for the wonderful review of Jessie's House.
Trish Harrison, Fair Oaks, Ca.

GentleLady66 said...

Congrats Zenobia on your wonderful review. I knew it would be wonderful. The book is so precious, as you are, my friend. God bless and keep up the good works for the Lord that you are involved in already. Can't wait for book # 2 to come out.
God bless