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Don't Waste the Pain by David Lyons and Linda Lyons Richardson


Don't Waste the Pain Learning to Grow Through Suffering by David Lyons and Linda Lyons Richardson
Everyone experiences pain in their lives. But how we handle it and what we do with it makes all the difference.

In Don’t Waste the Pain , you'll see how two people dealing with life-threatening illnesses and the loss of a child found joy and peace in the midst of their suffering.

Through intimate journal writings and personal reflections, you will learn that faith and spiritual growth can come out of brokenness, pain, and grief.

ISBN-13: 9781615215485

Trim Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4

Cover: Paperback

272 Pages


LINDA RICHARDSON is a former merchandise-display artist and garden gift shop owner, now retired. She often works in her own quarter-acre garden when she is able. Other favorite pastimes include hiking the waterside peninsula where she lives with her husband, lying in her hammock, cooking, writing, and reading whatever she can find. She has two children, one in grad school and one in college. Living with cancer is a day-to-day adventure she puts on the back burner when she can while simply enjoying the rest of her life.

DAVID LYONS is an international vice president of The Navigators. He oversees international initiatives, communications, and networking of their five thousand staff in more than one hundred countries. David loves photography and hiking in the mountains of Colorado. David and Renee have seven children. Even with so many children, they often have friends live with them and frequently have guests around their table laughing loudly or quietly discussing their questions about life.
David’s personal experience with Internet ministry led him to envision helping others to grow through their pain through this book and through Come visit the website to see how God is bringing beauty out of ashes.

This is a really wonderful non fiction book. Linda in 2000 was diagnosed with stage-IIIC clear-cell ovarian cancer and in 2008 David’s twelve-year-old son Ian was diagnosed with stage-IV alveolar rhabdomyosarcaoma, a very rare cancer that kills 98 percent of its victims. This is a very precious story that tells of Linda and Ian’s lives and that of their families. Linda and David are brother and sister whom share so much.
The chapters are:
Welcome to OZ
Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants
The Ragged Edge of Faith
A Thin Place
Beauty From Ashes
But The Physicians
Praying In the Face of Pain
What if God Says No?
When Will it End?
Got Joy?
The Fellowship of Suffering
Whenever pain comes into our lives we should learn from it and grow. We shouldn’t let it keep us down and depress us. No one wants to live through pain or deal with it constantly, but if that happens how will we cope and how will we continue in life?
I love the chapter called A Thin Place. It is about the times that Heaven and Earth seem so close together. Like when you are somewhere and you feel God’s presence so close. So that makes only a thin place between Heaven and Earth.
The chapter called Got Joy is talking about when you are going through pain or experience a death of a loved one do you have Joy? Sure you will be sad, depressed and sorrowful, but through all of that you can still have joy with the Lord in your life. You may question God why did that or does that happen. Do welcomes our questions and wants us to see He is there loving us and helping us through.
This book is very insightful and helpful, but also we can have pain, suffering and heartaches, but still have peace and joy. God is always there for us.
You don’t have to have a death in the family or cancer to enjoy this book. Maybe you lost your job, have family problems or marriage problems all of these chapters will be a help to you. So I really recommend this book.

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Carol said...

Linda Richardson passed away on June 8, 2011, less than a year after "Don't Waste the Pain" was published.
I knew her when she was a member of First Alliance Church in Silver Spring, MD. What a lady!

There is profound meaning in this book. I will revisit it again and again. Carol