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Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand~a review~

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ISBN: 978-0-7642-0628-3
ISBN-10: 0-7642-0628-1
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.375
Number of pages: 336
Carton Quantity: 40
Publication Date: Feb. 10
Formats: Paperback
Publisher: Bethany House

About the book:
In the shadows of Charleston, someone is watching her...
Rylee Monroe, a dogwalker in Charleston's wealthiest neighborhood, never feared the streets at night. But now a thief is terrorizing the area and worse, someone seems to be targeting her.
Reporter Logan Woods is covering the break-ins with the hope of publishing them as a true-crime book. The more he digs, the more he realizes this beguiling dogwalker seems to be at the center of everything.
As danger draws ever closer, Logan must choose: Chase the girl, the story, or plunge into the shadows after the villain who threatens everything?

About the Authors:
Deeanne Gist lives in Texas with her husband of twenty-seven years and their two border collies. They have four grown children.

Her web page:
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J. Mark Bertrand earned an MFA from the University of Houston and lived in the city for fifteen years. After one hurricane too many, he and his wife moved to South Dakota. Mark has been arrested for a crime he didn't commit, was the foreman of a hung jury in Houston, and after relocating served on the jury that acquitted Vinnie Jones of assault. In 1972, he won an honorable mention in a child modeling contest, but pursued writing instead.

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My Review:
“Beguiled’ by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand was a book full of thrilling romantic suspense. Gist and Bertrand make a wonderful team. They both added so much to a book that one of them couldn’t have done alone. It has something for everyone. It’s an excellent book to read and you won’t want to put it down. I always try to guess who is the main bad guy, but with Beguiled I couldn’t. The story is about a woman who lost her parents when she was 5. She felt unlovable all of her life because of losing her parents. Rylee was a rich girl who lost everything, but after losing it all she didn’t become bitter. She lived with her grandmother and did anything to take care of her. Rylee walked dogs, took care of other people’s pets and met Logan on one of her dog walks. Logan is a newspaper reporter who is writing about the Robin Hood burglaries. The Robin Hood burglar brings all of them together and it tells the story of why things happened in the past. One of the many things I really liked in this book was Rylee really loved the dogs she walked. In her phone list instead of the owners name for their number Rylee put in the dogs names. I would highly recommend this book. It’s a great book to show us things aren’t always as they seem.

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I like thrillers, romantic or not. Your review makes me interested in reading this one. (I'm always intrigued too how more than one writer can collaborate when writing a book, aren't you?)