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The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate A Review

WINNER OF FOUR BOOK AWARDS IN 2015! WINNER in the 2015 USA Best Books Award for religious fiction (finalist), 2015 eLIT Book Awards for religious fiction (winner), WINNER in the 2015 Pacific Book Awards for Christian fiction (winner) and a finalist award-winner in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for inspirational fiction.

A Fantasy Thriller for fans who enjoy reading books by James Patterson, Sue Monk Kidd, Frank Peretti and Alice Sebold.

Once in a while a story comes along that resonates with the very essence of what we call "humanity," and speaks to readers of every age. The Deer Effect is that story - a phenomenal #1 Amazon bestseller lauded for its artistic touch, its tender tapping at emotion, and its mesmerizing ability to speak to the hearts of readers around the world.

"ONE BRITTLE LEAF FOUND ALONG our usual path proved the days had gone wintry. Papery thin as onion skin--blanched from frosty temperatures and yellowing like the pages of an old Bible, the leaf’s long slender shafts, crooked and dry, painted my world. The blue sky dragged me out that Sunday in December—December 5, 2010, if you must know—when the temperature rose to only forty-two Fahrenheit. What was I thinking?

Hold on. Wait a second. Let me back up just a tad. For your information, I'm dead. Although I speak of myself, make no mistakes. I died this day..."

So the story begins about Hannah Demsey who is found dead near the body of a fawn on the side of the road. Rod, Hannah's husband, sets out on a journey to find the killer. With his faith waning, all truths change when Rod comes face-to-face with the only person who can tell him how his wife really died.

THE DEER EFFECT is a story of loss, redemption and forgiveness.

File Size: 538 KB
Print Length: 346 pages
Publisher: Eye of the Needle Press (November 5, 2014)
Publication Date: November 5, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

Susan Wingate is the author of the young adult romantic fantasy and paranormal books found in Troubled in Paradise and The Deer Effect.

If you want to read clean, award-winning, fiction steeped in suspense and sometimes set in mythical lands, or books with mystery and thriller elements, you will enjoy reading Susan Wingate’s books. The twists and turns of her stories and her likable, touching characters are always unique. Some of her work even harkens back to the fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis and also to the superhero Spider-Man series–books with unforgettable heroes and fantastical worlds readers can escape to. Susan's work has been compared with Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven to James Patterson's Lake House. Her mystery novels are riveting stories like JD Robb and Sue Grafton and her fantasy novels ring of The Golden Compass and A Wrinkle in Time.

  The Deer Effect by Susan Wingate isn’t worth reading. Since I got it free I don’t feel bad. I thought it would be really a great read since it won four awards. Just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read and we all are very different in what we like.
  This book is told from a dead person’s point of view. It almost seems sacrilege to me. The dead woman talks about her dog more than her husband. She misses her dog so much. She goes along spreading fairy dust and thinking of a big bowl of popcorn and it appears.  She, Hannah also came back as a child spirit, which I believe it completely wrong.
  It really seems like a childish kind of book to me except for Rob, the husband’s feeling of loss and hurt. He was deeply sorry for what he said to Hannah right before she was killed.
If the whole book would have continued in the way Rob felt and left all of the silly, girlish coming back out it would have been so much better.
  Another thing I didn't like Hannah died at the same time as a deer so it jumped around the skies with her.
  I do not recommend this book at all. Just to silly for me. Life and death isn’t a joke or to be taken lightly.

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