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Threads of Joy By Sharlene MacLaren~A REVIEW~

JOY WESTFALL, a single woman who runs a tailoring business out of her little home and has a 4-year-old illegitimate daughter knows first hand the bitterness of rejection. Her talent with a needle supersedes her tainted reputation, however, and she has no trouble finding clients. What she lacks is true friendship. Living next door to a little clapboard church on the edge of town, even the folks of the church pay her little mind when they come and go on Sunday mornings--unless she happens to be outside tending her flowerbeds in which case they quickly turn their children's heads away or shake their own at her in utter repulsion. Inside, their hymns of praise compete with the birds, but outside their hypocritical noses turn up at the sight of her. Not until LUCAS JENNINGS, the new preacher, begins to befriend her and her innocent daughter does she grasp what pardon feels like. The trouble is his congregation begins to accuse him of having sinful thoughts, one woman in particular going so far as to campaign to have him removed from the pulpit. When tragedy strikes, Lucas's messages of repentance resonate with his members, drawing an entire community together, changing the hardest hearts, and turning folks' minds toward what really matters in life--love, faith, and forgiveness

Series: Tennessee Dreams (Book 2)
Publisher: Whitaker Distribution (August 15, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1629111686
ISBN-13: 978-1629111681
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

In recent years, Shar felt God's call upon her heart to take her writing pleasures a step further and in 2006 signed a contract for her first faith-based novel; thereby, launching her writing career with Through Every Storm. With a dozen books now gracing store shelves nationwide, she daily gives God all the praise and glory for her accomplishments. 

Shar has done numerous countrywide book-signings, television and radio appearances, and countless interviews. She loves to speak for women's organizations, libraries, church groups, women's retreats, and banquets. She is involved in Apples of Gold, a mentoring program for young wives and/or mothers, and is active in her church as well as two weekly Bible studies. She and her husband, Cecil, live in Spring Lake, Michigan with their beautiful white collie, Peyton.

  Threads of Joy by Sharlene MacLaren is a wonderful, uplifting book full of love and surprises.
  Joy felt no one liked her or cared for her, and rightly so she thought, because of her past. Joy felt her life was on the right track when she married the man whom she thought was the answer to her dreams. He turned out a swindler and already married, but now Joy has a little girl whom she loves more than life.
  Living next to a preacher and his church is bad enough, but when he is so kind to them Joy can’t stand it.  How can she repay her debt to him and get him to leave them alone.
  Many, many adventures happen in Threads of Joy, much soul searching and hardships. You will be amazed at the way this book turns out. You will see how God directs both of these people and how when things turn bad that you can always depend on God to see you through.
     I just love the cover picture and the title. They really fit the book.
  I have never read a book by Sharlene MacLaren that I haven’t liked. Her books always are full of love, forgiveness and deep. She doesn’t write books that are fluff as I call them. You come away from her books uplifted and know she puts a lot of thought and knowledge in them.
Highly recommended.

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