Monday, July 12, 2010

Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon~ a review ~

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About Touching the Clouds

Author Bonnie Leon takes readers to new heights in her latest book, Touching the Clouds, the first book in the new Alaskan Skies series.

Leon introduces readers to Kate Evans, an adventurous and independent young woman with a pioneering spirit. When she leaves her home in Washington State to follow her dream of being an Alaskan bush pilot, she knows it will be an uphill battle. But she never expected it to be quite like this. As the lone woman in a man's world, she finds that contending with people's expectations is almost as treacherous as navigating the wild arctic storms.

When she crosses paths with a mysterious man living alone in the forbidding wilderness, she faces a new challenge. Can Kate break through the walls he has put up around his heart? And will fear keep her from realizing her dreams?

About the author:

Bonnie Leon is the bestselling author of more than ten historical fiction novels. She stays busy teaching women's Bible studies and speaking at writing seminars and conventions. She and her husband, Greg, live in Oregon.

My Review:
Kate Evans is suppose to get married to her life long friend, but she just couldn’t see herself married and leading a normal life. So she calls off her marriage and heads to Alaska in her small plane to be a bush pilot. Kate has flown planes her whole life and it is the love of her life. She leaves Washington State and heads to the rough Alaskan state to become a bush pilot, also to escape something that has devastated her in her life.

Paul Anderson has many memories that are very hard for him to live with. Paul lives in a remote area and is running away from life..

This book tells about Alaska during the depression, how Kate becomes a mail carrier with her plane. It shows you how it use to be for a woman to work in a man‘s job. Kate doesn’t get any respect from some men, but doesn’t give up.

Follow Kate and learn about her flying with the other pilots, the weather and how she meets two different men. One likes her and they date, but also she has feelings for Paul.

I think it’s great that this is book one of the Alaskan series so there is more things to find out about Kate, Paul and all of the others.
I really enjoyed this book and it’s a very quick read. If you love to hear about Alaska and how a woman has a career and works with some that don’t appreciate her, you will love this book. I recommend this book for a very nice read. It would make a perfect book for a rainy day to curl up and enjoy.

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csthankful said...

My darlin' husband thinks Alaska is one of the greatest places on the planet. (He lived there for 4 years). With all he has told me I have no doubt I wold love this story. Appreciate knowing it is a "quick read" as I have limited reading time...though LOVE to read. THanks for letting us know about this book. Blessings, Connie Sue

Bonnie Leon said...

Trinity, thanks for the great review. So glad you enjoyed the book.

Hang on for more adventures in the upcoming sequel. :-)



Bonnie Leon said...

Connie Sue, Alaska is a very special place and it is an honor to write about it.

I hope you have an opportunity to read the book.

Grace and peace to you,

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed Touching the Clouds very much! Bonnie Leon's book was intriguing and made me smile!

I thought this novel compared very well with others in the world of Christian historical fiction. It had numerous tricks and turns that kept me turning one page after another well into the night.

I wrote my own review that can be found here: