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[Revell Blog Tour&Review] The Homecoming by Dan Walsh

No sooner is Shawn Collins home from the fighting in Europe than he's called upon to serve his country as a war hero on a USO bond tour. Others might jump at the chance to travel all around the country with attractive Hollywood starlets. But not Shawn. He just wants to stay home with his son Patrick, his aging father and to grieve the loss of his wife in private. When Shawn asks Katherine Townsend, Patrick's former social worker, to be Patrick's nanny while he's on the road, he has no idea how this decision will impact his life. Could it be the key to his future happiness and the mending of his heart? Or will the war once again threaten his chances for a new start?

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Revell (June 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0800733894
ISBN-13: 978-0800733896
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.9 inches

I was born in Philadelphia in 1957 (guys don't care if you know) to a mostly
blue-collar, hard-working Irish family. My Dad was the first person on either side of the family to earn a college degree. It took him nine years, working during the day, going to college at night, using the GI Bill from his war days in Korea. In the mid-sixties, General Electric hired him as an engineer for the Apollo space program. We packed up and moved to Florida, which is really where I grew up.

I spent my childhood years playing basketball and surfing. In the spring of my senior year in high school I met the woman who would become my wife, Cindi. We dated for a brief period. I asked her to marry me and, to my great surprise, she said yes. We were married near the end of 1976. After several years preparing for ministry, in 1985 I was ordained as the first pastor of the church where I still serve near Daytona Beach.

It was actually in high school where the desire to write novels first started. But it wasn't until recently, now that our children have grown, that I've had the time to pursue it. I love writing and especially now that my books are being published. To find out more, see my website at

My Review
“The Homecoming” by Dan Walsh is the sequel to “The Unfinished Gift,” but it can also be a stand-alone book. I didn’t get to read “The Unfinished Gift,” but wish I had. I would really like to know what happened first. So I will just have to read it.
There were many things I liked in this book the relationship of grandfather and grandson, drama of the escapes in the war, how death was handled. This book is full of brokenness, forgiveness, strong family love, faith, war and love.
I really enjoy how Ian the grandfather passed down his love of wood carving. so his grandson would have something from him.
Shawn the father always thinking of Patrick and what was best for him.
Patrick the son just had pure love for his father, grandfather and his nanny that only a child can have.
Katherine from having nothing to the many things she received. It was wonderful how each of their faith grew. I have a very favorite part near the end that was so touching, but I can’t tell you or it will ruin the story for you. This book is one that you really should read. If you like stories about the war, family and love you will greatly enjoy “The Homecoming.” Who doesn’t love those things. Dan Walsh is a great author and I’m glad I found his books.

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Dan Walsh said...


Thanks for the wonderful review of The Homecoming. So glad you enjoyed it. For those who read it and want to read the first book, The Unfinished Gift, it's still available as a hardback (but priced the same as paperback), in all the online stores.

The hardback version was pulled from most retail stores in Jan (as they do with most Christmas novels). But Revell has just released a paperback version that should be on the shelves any day now.

Congrats on your grandbaby! Cindi and I just found out a few days ago that our first is on the way. We can't wait!