Saturday, February 20, 2010

Books and DVD's

Just wanted to show the books and DVD's that I'm now reading or soon will be.
The review will be in the first week of March.
Many more coming later in the month.
So stick around.
I will be giving away certificates for the DVD's.


Jen U. said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog Trinity. It's always nice to "meet" new people through blogging.

I will be reviewing the What's in the Bible DVD's as well. We are looking forward to receiving them!

csthankful said...

I had not heard of Sheila Walsh's book "When A Woman Trusts God". Love listening to her at Women Of Faith. Am anxious to hear what you think of the book

Prolucker said...

They all look interesting. Can hardly wait for your reviews!

Trinity Rose said...

Thanks everyone.
If you leave a comment on the DVD review I will put you in the drawing for them.

Caroline said...

Trinity, so glad to be one of your followers. Will get back when you do your reviews! Thks for visiting my blog. :)